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Story Elements of Book One

Shellback Certificate

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Shellback Certificate
In most Navies, they have an initiation ceremony when you cross the Equator called "Crossing the Line." I figure that Spelljammers have "Crossing the Flow" when they enter the Phlogiston for the first time. This is an example of a nautical shellback certificate that one receives after Crossing the Line. Shaundar's would be in Espruar, of course, and have similar art with a spacefaring theme instead, and it read: "TO ALL STARFARERS WHEREVER YE MAY BE, and to all kindori, star selkies, scavvers, delphinids, dragons, gonn, krajens, meteorspawn, oortlings, and all other living things of the Void; GREETINGS. Know ye that on the twenty-seventh of Third-Month, 5042 O.C., in the Arcane Inner Flow outside of Realmspace, there appeared in Our Royal Domain Imperial Elven Navy Ship Nikym d?Quex Etriel. BE IT REMEMBERED that the said Vessel and Officers and Crew thereof, have been inspected and passed on by Ourselves and Our Royal Staff; and be it known by all ye spacers, marines, groundlings and others who may be honoured by the presence that Teu?Ruan Quessir Shaundar Sunfall, having been found worthy to be numbered as one of our Trusty Shellbacks, has been duly initiated into the SOLEMN MYSTERIES OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE VOID. Be it further understood that by virtue of the power invested in Us, We hereby command of Our subjects to show due honour and respect wherever they may be. DISOBEY THIS ORDER UNDER PENALTY OF OUR ROYAL DISPLEASURE. Signed: Old Man of the Void, Royal Scribe; Her Royal Highness Sehanine Moonbow, Queen of the Stars; and His Majesty Ptah Pharoah, King of the Void. Witnessed by Captain Yvoleth, I.E.N.S. Nikym d?Quex Etriel."
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