Toy Soldier: A Spelljammer Saga

A series of novels set in the Spelljammer® fantasy universe

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My name is Diane Morrison, and I am known in some circles as Sable Aradia or just Sable. I am a metaphysical store proprietress, writer, singer/songwriter, artist, and professional Witch. I'm a sci-fi, fantasy, historical adventure and war novel fan from early childhood. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons® since it was originally just called that, and went on to do all the stereotypically geeky activities of playing Vampire: the Masquerade® LARP, joining the Society for Creative Anachronism, and playing World of Warcrack (World of Warcraft®;). At one time I was one of the major contributors to Fantaseum, which was the largest Dungeons & Dragons Core Rules® website, and at one time I was the Assistant Editor for What's Brewin' e-magazine. I rarely have time for the SCA these days, but I still go to all kinds of Pagan festivals where I sell wares from my shop and teach workshops on Wicca and magick, and I still play WoW® and our long-running, free-form D&D® game almost every day. Shaundar Sunfall, "Toy Soldier's" protagonist, is still a character that I actively play.

I am also writing another science-fiction fantasy series called "Chronicles of the New West," which is a post-apocalyptic steampunk serial, if you'd care to check it out.

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