Toy Soldier Saga

A series of novels and stories in a fantasy space opera universe.


Spreecast of Brothers in Arms Starts Sunday!

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It's happening!  The Spreecasts for Brothers in Arms start Sunday at 2 pm.  Hope to see you there!  Here's the book trailer for a sneak peak!

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The Laughing Beholder (Book Excerpts)

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Linked from Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine:

The Laughing Beholder (Book Excerpts)

All the News That's Print to Fit

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Hey folks, I just wanted to keep my fans & followers updated on the goings-on.

First off, I'm sorry but I'm suspending my readings for Brothers in Arms until April.  I'm just too busy; I am not yet finished the book and I am knee-deep in my edit for my non-fiction book, "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power," which is back from the copyeditor.  After this it goes for proofs, and then for print.  I'm sorry to disappoint you!

The Prologue is scheduled for April 6 and Chapter One for April 20 at the moment.  You can sign up for them at the links in text.

I have not been idle on Spelljammer work, though.  I'm still writing BiA steadily, and I've been working at Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine.  There's some excerpts from my books there that relate to the Rock of Bral, this month's theme.  An excerpt from Sable's Privateers, "Between the Rock and a Hard Place," appeared at the first of the month, and yesterday an excerpt from A Few Good Elves, "The Elven Lieutenant's Unusual Hosts" appeared also.  There will be two more over the course of the month!

Thanks for being patient with me.  Talk to you soon!

Major Revision of Brothers in Arms Completed!

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So I have finally completed my major revision of "Brothers in Arms."  Those of you reading chapter by chapter will want to start over from the beginning; yes, I'm serious.  I have a whole new approach that I think makes the story work much better and not only keeps it moving more effectively, but makes it flow better and emphasizes the points I want to focus on.

In the process, the astute will notice that my pages are less though my word count is about equal.  I cut almost 7000 words of text from the original; a sequence where Shaundar and Yathar were in the Realms.  I liked it, but it really had nothing to do with the story I was trying to tell, and with the new approach, I was able to cut it entirely.  "Never do anything which is of no use," and as they say in writing, never use three words when you can use two.  So - gone.  I find that sort of thing challenging so I'm pretty proud of myself, but I did save it, and it will likely be expanded into a short story later.

Here's the Scribd link, and here's the pdf link.  Enjoy!

Is it Tacky to Cosplay Your Own Character?

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Me as Molly, gnome priestess of Sune, from the Toy Soldier Saga novels.  (Pic too big to fit in the window; click on the link if you want to see.)

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves," Chapter 4 Tomorrow!

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Chapter 4 of "A Few Good Elves" will be read tomorrow at 2 pm PDT on Spreecast.  If you have not heard the rest of the story, here are links so you can catch up.  Remember, you can always watch it later, but the live support is important so that I know that people are listening.  Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

"Separate Worlds" E-Zine Publishes My Short Story, "Survivor"!

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So back at the beginning of the year I wrote a short story for a writing contest at my local university. It centers around Shaundar Sunfall of the Toy Soldier Saga and it is called "Survivor".  It takes place near the beginning of Book Two, Brothers in Arms.  I didn't win, but I then took the story and submitted it to Separate Worlds e-zine, a sci-fi and fantasy magazine that juries its potential stories. Well, they took it up and it appears in the current issue (July/August 2013,) which is available at this link. If you have any problems you can contact the staff; they may take a while to get back to you but they are very accommodating and friendly. This is a Canadian publication that features all manner of excellent speculative fiction and I think it's well worth the $20 a year subscription or the $5 per issue. And all the writers get paid actual money royalties for these so you are also supporting writing talent that is working to be discovered. Thanks for your support!



First Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves"

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Hello everyone!  I did my first Spreecast of the Prologue of "A Few Good Elves" and we had a really good turnout for the first run!  Thanks for all the support!  David Shepheard was amazingly helpful with his well-informed questions about the world itself and my interpretation of it.  If you want to watch it at any time, you can stream it from this embedded link, just click on the image to play full-size if you want.  If you want just the portion that is the reading of the book itself, you can find it here:  The next reading is next Sunday, 2 pm PDT, where I start on Chapter 1.  Hope you can join me!  Blessed be, Sable.

Live Spreecast Readings of "A Few Good Elves"!

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A Few Good Elves - Live Readings on Spreecast!


The first episode is FREE and the ticket link will take you to the Spreecast site.


So I've had a lot of people ask me when my book is coming out, but I can't publish it because it is technically fan-fiction, other than in the form that I have already, which is on Scribd for anyone to read in e-book format. Other people have asked me to create an audiobook of this (a project still in the works, but much more involved than I originally planned because I'm planning sound effects and theme music,) or a podcast. Podcasts take room to host and cost money, so that's not really an option either.


However, I believe that entertainment is a different matter, so I will be scheduling live readings of my novel on Spreecast. I will read one chapter a week each Sunday evening starting on the first of September, with a free reading of my Prologue. Subsequent chapters will cost 50 cents to view after that, making a total of $11 to view the whole performance and hear the whole book. You can watch it live, or you can view it afterwards via archive. Watch it once and then make clips and you can keep it, even after the event.


Remember that you can always read the whole novel free at; this is just if you want to hear the live reading.


I will also answer questions from the audience afterwards, but never about anything that would be a spoiler!


For more information about the series, check out my website, "The Toy Soldier Saga".

Website Update

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So I've added a couple of new things to the website for the Toy Soldier Saga.  The first thing is a link directly in my sidebar to my Scribd profile, where you can now have a look at my documents or my collections.  I've created a new collection for the Toy Soldier Saga, which will eventually include all four books.


I've also added a new toolbar to the bottom of the page.  From there, you can navigate quickly to any of the four book pages, my Sable Aradia website and my YouTube channel, where I have a variety of videos related to the Toy Soldier Saga and where I will be publishing the audiobook versions.  You can go directly to the new author's Fanpage I have created on Facebook, or to my Twitter account.  There are also buttons that will enable you to instantly Like or Follow Me without having to go to either site.  You can recommend the site to Google, Send the page you're on to your Facebook Timeline to share, Tweet about it to your Twitter account, share the page with a variety of social utilities, translate the page to a variety of languages and keep track of your own personal bookmarks directly on the site.  Check it out!


Welcome to those of you who have joined my author fanpage!  Thank you for supporting my work and I hope you enjoy it!  If you do, share it with your friends.  I will be keeping people updated there about all my writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction.


Thanks for your continuing support!  Stay tuned for more!  The audiobook of "A Few Good Elves" is in recording as we speak and writing has also begun on the second book in the series, "Brothers in Arms."


Blessed be,