Toy Soldier Saga

A series of novels and stories in a fantasy space opera universe.


Last Spreecast of A Few Good Elves Next Sunday!

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So the last chapter of A Few Good Elves will be read on Spreecast next Sunday, February 2nd. Thanks to all of you who have been sticking with me through the readings!  I hope you'll join me.

I figured I would lay out the plan for the next couple of weeks so that you would be informed.

In two weeks from the last chapter of A Few Good Elves, Feb. 16, I will have a special on "The Story Thus Far."  If you've been thinking of joining me but were a little intimidated by the idea of listening to all the previous Spreecasts, this will summarize the plot of book one.  I will also include special fan bonuses unique to the Spreecast and discuss the layout of the Spelljammer universe particularly as it pretains to the Toy Soldier Saga.

Two weeks from then, March 2, I will read my short story "Survivor," which takes place near the beginning of book two and was previously published in Separate Worlds Magazine.

Two weeks from then, March 16, I will begin reading Brothers in Arms with the hope that I will be finished writing it by then.

See you in the stars!

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves" - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 begins tomorrow, Sunday the 15th of September, at 2 pm PDT, as Shaundar takes to space for the first time!  If you need to catch up the story, the Prologue is here and Chapter 1 is here; allow yourself two hours to go through it all.  Hope you can join me!

Blessed be, Sable

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves"

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Hello there!  The next reading of "A Few Good Elves," chapter one, begins in about half an hour at Spreecast at this link.  Hope to see you soon!  And remember, if you miss the live reading, you can always watch it later because Spreecast archives its casts.

Blessed be,


Live Spreecast Readings of "A Few Good Elves"!

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A Few Good Elves - Live Readings on Spreecast!


The first episode is FREE and the ticket link will take you to the Spreecast site.


So I've had a lot of people ask me when my book is coming out, but I can't publish it because it is technically fan-fiction, other than in the form that I have already, which is on Scribd for anyone to read in e-book format. Other people have asked me to create an audiobook of this (a project still in the works, but much more involved than I originally planned because I'm planning sound effects and theme music,) or a podcast. Podcasts take room to host and cost money, so that's not really an option either.


However, I believe that entertainment is a different matter, so I will be scheduling live readings of my novel on Spreecast. I will read one chapter a week each Sunday evening starting on the first of September, with a free reading of my Prologue. Subsequent chapters will cost 50 cents to view after that, making a total of $11 to view the whole performance and hear the whole book. You can watch it live, or you can view it afterwards via archive. Watch it once and then make clips and you can keep it, even after the event.


Remember that you can always read the whole novel free at; this is just if you want to hear the live reading.


I will also answer questions from the audience afterwards, but never about anything that would be a spoiler!


For more information about the series, check out my website, "The Toy Soldier Saga".

Chapter Nine "Brothers in Arms" & Next Audiobook Installment "A Few Good Elves" Uploaded!

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Chapter Nine of "Brothers in Arms" is complete and uploaded!  As usual, you can get it on Scribd or on the website!


I've also uploaded the next part in the "A Few Good Elves" Audiobook on the Audiobook Podcast page, for those listening to that.  Remember that you can pre-order the entire audiobook from my Bandcamp site for only $1, which is the minimum that site allows me to charge!


Blessed be,


Audiobook for "A Few Good Elves"

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Accessibility is important to me because my husband is disabled, so I am also self-producing an audiobook version of each of the Toy Soldier novels. This is only just begun and a work in progress.



A while ago, Big Mac, who moderates the forum for Spelljammer® at the Piazza, suggested that the audiobook versions of the novels might be good in a podcast format so that people could listen to them on their way to work and so forth. I agreed with him but couldn't figure out a way to do it with my existing resources. There is a limit to the available storage space on my website without paying for it, and it's expensive to get all the storage space I would need (though I have decided to include an option to donate if people want to see that happen. It's an annual fee that I would have to pay to maintain the space.) iTunes is not as easy as you'd think; you have to buy a server. I thought SoundCloud might work but it limits what you're allowed to post by duration unless you pay as well.


But I finally figured something out! I now have a site at Bandcamp for my music, and I do have a podcast app at my site. So here's the plan; I'm uploading the files as I create them to my website for the podcast. You'll have to watch for new posts diligently if you want to keep up with it that way, though, because once I run out of storage space, I'll start deleting the oldest files and they won't be archived there anymore. But they will remain available at Bandcamp in album format.. You can pre-order the audiobooks there, and when the upload is complete, I will release the album. You will be sent an email notification to remind you along with a code that enables you to collect your pre-order. Unfortunately Bandcamp has some policies about what I can post and how much it must cost, so I do have to charge some money for that. My fee to pre-order and then download the whole audiobook will therefore be $1.00 Canadian.


I am posting the files as I create them, but it is a work in progress! Please note that I will be taking down the existing files on YouTube because the new versions are more like radio plays; they contain sound effects and music!  I recently listened to a Star Wars(tm) audiobook that made use of these things, and decided it was much better than listening to some boring person droning on and on with nothing else to interrupt it.


Pre-ordering the album also includes my Machinima music video, "Sink the Vengeance (Spelljammer Filk)". This will also be included as a bonus track, but that will be included in the regular release of the audiobook as well.


The files will be available to download, but you will have to watch this site diligently to make sure you get them before I have to remove them. Please understand that I cannot send you files that you have missed and you will have to wait for them to appear on Bandcamp if you have missed your chance.


If you subscribe to my Site or my Blog, (RSS feed link here) you will be notified immediately upon an upload.


I hope you enjoy!

Blessed be,


"A Few Good Elves" Audiobook Chapter 2 Uploaded!

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Chapter Two of the audiobook version is now uploaded!  You can find it on my Videos page or on my YouTube channel, and if you want to go directly to the playlist on YouTube, click here.


Note that in the video descriptions I include a link to the next track in the list and the playlist itself, and I include a link to the next track as an annotation on the last 20 seconds of the video itself.  If you have heard the Intro, Prologue and Chapter 1 already, you want to start with Track 6 in the playlist  "A Few Good Elves" Audiobook by Diane Morrison - Chapter 2 Part 1.


Here's a link to the first of the five parts of Chapter 2.


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Blessed be,


"A Few Good Elves" Audiobook Beginning is Uploaded!

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For those of you who have been waiting for the audiobook versions, I have now uploaded the intro, prologue & chapter one of "A Few Good Elves" on YouTube.   It's about an hour of reading to listen to.  There is a link on my website on the Videos page that will play the whole playlist ,automatically updating it to add anything new; and there will also be such a link on the bottom of the individual book pages, beneath the embedded e-book.  Or you can find a link to the playlist on my YouTube channel.


I'll keep you updated in this blog on new uploads, etc.  There will also be an mp3 disk version of this at my shop.  I hope to make my work accessible to everyone.  Enjoy!


Blessed be,