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A series of novels and stories in a fantasy space opera universe.


Spreecast of Brothers in Arms Starts Sunday!

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It's happening!  The Spreecasts for Brothers in Arms start Sunday at 2 pm.  Hope to see you there!  Here's the book trailer for a sneak peak!

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I've had a lot of deadlines on my plate lately which is why you haven't heard from me.  They're done now and I'm back to work on Brothers in Arms.  And now I'm in another re-organization of things; so I think I reasonably have to say that there will be no more Spreecasts until it's actually finished.  It's just not fair, as I seem to have a much more fluid process with this book than I did with the first one.  I'll explain in the next Development Notes post.  Sorry guys, for the confusion and I hope I'm not being too disappointing!

I submitted the first chapter of Sable's Privateers as an entry in a prestigious short story competition; I'll let you know what comes of that when I know!

Off to work now; I'll keep you posted as things come up!

All the News That's Print to Fit

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Hey folks, I just wanted to keep my fans & followers updated on the goings-on.

First off, I'm sorry but I'm suspending my readings for Brothers in Arms until April.  I'm just too busy; I am not yet finished the book and I am knee-deep in my edit for my non-fiction book, "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power," which is back from the copyeditor.  After this it goes for proofs, and then for print.  I'm sorry to disappoint you!

The Prologue is scheduled for April 6 and Chapter One for April 20 at the moment.  You can sign up for them at the links in text.

I have not been idle on Spelljammer work, though.  I'm still writing BiA steadily, and I've been working at Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine.  There's some excerpts from my books there that relate to the Rock of Bral, this month's theme.  An excerpt from Sable's Privateers, "Between the Rock and a Hard Place," appeared at the first of the month, and yesterday an excerpt from A Few Good Elves, "The Elven Lieutenant's Unusual Hosts" appeared also.  There will be two more over the course of the month!

Thanks for being patient with me.  Talk to you soon!

Last Spreecast of A Few Good Elves Next Sunday!

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So the last chapter of A Few Good Elves will be read on Spreecast next Sunday, February 2nd. Thanks to all of you who have been sticking with me through the readings!  I hope you'll join me.

I figured I would lay out the plan for the next couple of weeks so that you would be informed.

In two weeks from the last chapter of A Few Good Elves, Feb. 16, I will have a special on "The Story Thus Far."  If you've been thinking of joining me but were a little intimidated by the idea of listening to all the previous Spreecasts, this will summarize the plot of book one.  I will also include special fan bonuses unique to the Spreecast and discuss the layout of the Spelljammer universe particularly as it pretains to the Toy Soldier Saga.

Two weeks from then, March 2, I will read my short story "Survivor," which takes place near the beginning of book two and was previously published in Separate Worlds Magazine.

Two weeks from then, March 16, I will begin reading Brothers in Arms with the hope that I will be finished writing it by then.

See you in the stars!

Sorry About the Technical Difficulties in Chapter 6!

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Some of the problems I was having with a mic I don't typically use yesterday in my podcast carried on into today's Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves" and I had to completely reboot before my regular mic would work.

So if you want to see the Spreecast and you don't want all the crap at the beginning, you can find it at this link:

If you are using the old URL, it gets fixed about 19 and a half minutes in.

Thanks for your patience!

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves" - Chapter 6

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The Second Unhuman War begins tomorrow in the next Spreecast of A Few Good Elves!  Sign up at this link:

The story so  far:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

See you tomorrow!

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves," Chapter 4 Tomorrow!

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Chapter 4 of "A Few Good Elves" will be read tomorrow at 2 pm PDT on Spreecast.  If you have not heard the rest of the story, here are links so you can catch up.  Remember, you can always watch it later, but the live support is important so that I know that people are listening.  Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves" - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 begins tomorrow, Sunday the 15th of September, at 2 pm PDT, as Shaundar takes to space for the first time!  If you need to catch up the story, the Prologue is here and Chapter 1 is here; allow yourself two hours to go through it all.  Hope you can join me!

Blessed be, Sable

Next Spreecast of "A Few Good Elves"

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Hello there!  The next reading of "A Few Good Elves," chapter one, begins in about half an hour at Spreecast at this link.  Hope to see you soon!  And remember, if you miss the live reading, you can always watch it later because Spreecast archives its casts.

Blessed be,