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What's Next in the Toy Soldier Saga?

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 12:05 AM

So, now that I've finished "A Few Good Elves," what's next?


Well, I'm looking into creating a Kindle version, since I have been told mine does not do well on Kindle.  I'm also considering a short printing run for myself and my friends just so that I have a paper copy for me.


I am planning on doing an audiobook version, which I will be posting on YouTube on my channel there, so stay tuned for that, if you prefer to listen rather than read!


I'm working on my non-fiction book on Witchcraft, "The Eight Paths of Power" (which may actually end up being two books as well, with the more advanced stuff separated from the less advanced stuff.)


And I'm also starting up Book Two, "Brothers in Arms."  Here's the trailer: enjoy!



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Stay tuned to this blog to keep up to date on the Toy Soldier project, and for my other projects, check out my Sable Aradia website.


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