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Audiobook for "A Few Good Elves"

Posted on November 22, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Accessibility is important to me because my husband is disabled, so I am also self-producing an audiobook version of each of the Toy Soldier novels. This is only just begun and a work in progress.



A while ago, Big Mac, who moderates the forum for Spelljammer® at the Piazza, suggested that the audiobook versions of the novels might be good in a podcast format so that people could listen to them on their way to work and so forth. I agreed with him but couldn't figure out a way to do it with my existing resources. There is a limit to the available storage space on my website without paying for it, and it's expensive to get all the storage space I would need (though I have decided to include an option to donate if people want to see that happen. It's an annual fee that I would have to pay to maintain the space.) iTunes is not as easy as you'd think; you have to buy a server. I thought SoundCloud might work but it limits what you're allowed to post by duration unless you pay as well.


But I finally figured something out! I now have a site at Bandcamp for my music, and I do have a podcast app at my site. So here's the plan; I'm uploading the files as I create them to my website for the podcast. You'll have to watch for new posts diligently if you want to keep up with it that way, though, because once I run out of storage space, I'll start deleting the oldest files and they won't be archived there anymore. But they will remain available at Bandcamp in album format.. You can pre-order the audiobooks there, and when the upload is complete, I will release the album. You will be sent an email notification to remind you along with a code that enables you to collect your pre-order. Unfortunately Bandcamp has some policies about what I can post and how much it must cost, so I do have to charge some money for that. My fee to pre-order and then download the whole audiobook will therefore be $1.00 Canadian.


I am posting the files as I create them, but it is a work in progress! Please note that I will be taking down the existing files on YouTube because the new versions are more like radio plays; they contain sound effects and music!  I recently listened to a Star Wars(tm) audiobook that made use of these things, and decided it was much better than listening to some boring person droning on and on with nothing else to interrupt it.


Pre-ordering the album also includes my Machinima music video, "Sink the Vengeance (Spelljammer Filk)". This will also be included as a bonus track, but that will be included in the regular release of the audiobook as well.


The files will be available to download, but you will have to watch this site diligently to make sure you get them before I have to remove them. Please understand that I cannot send you files that you have missed and you will have to wait for them to appear on Bandcamp if you have missed your chance.


If you subscribe to my Site or my Blog, (RSS feed link here) you will be notified immediately upon an upload.


I hope you enjoy!

Blessed be,


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