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Development Notes for Chapters Six & Seven "Brothers in Arms"

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 8:20 AM

So, it was necessary to get Shaundar and Yathar to the Blacktusks, and Skullport seemed the logical place to do that, so that's really what the very short Chapter Six was concerned with.  I liked the idea of the tressym so went with it for a little bit of comic relief in what is otherwise a pretty grim novel up to this point.

Chapter Seven turned out to be much longer than originally intended, however.  Shaundar and Yathar spent more time with the Blacktusks than I had expected them to.  I think that it was important to me to provide a contrast.  The Blacktusks are everything you expect of orcs, save their intelligence.  They are nasty, brutish people.  Not to put in too much of a spoiler, but the scro they will meet later on are not so much.

I also wanted to impress upon the reader the horrors of lifejammers, which you know I'm going to bring up somehow later, and the harshness of shipboard life.  I also wanted to throw in some details of navigating Scrospace, and why it is that the Imperial Elven Navy, whom I do not believe are completely incompetent, have been unable to discover the location of the orcish homeworld Dukagsh, nor find charts to show them the way.

This diagram of the points of aerial navigation is provided for reference, since I use these terms in this chapter.

Sources for this chapter included numerous D&D® official books, most of which were from Second Edition: "Skullport" and "Realmspace" mostly, and an article on portals in the Forgotten Realms® called "Perilous Gateways," originally published in Dragon® Magazine.  The rest of it I invented, except for the details, once again, of Spiralspace, and you can find that information on my Appendices page.


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